Do you have a great resume?

Do you have 10 years of skills?

Do you feel you are ready to take the leap into a better job? Maybe you are, but does your resume show Human Resources that you have the skills needed to take a restaurant to the next level? If you do then you need to show, not tell. The following are often overlooked skills that you need to show in your resume.

A Resume’s Purpose

Too many resumes are written like a biography of your work experience. They list skills like a cookbook lists the ingredients. This is not only ineffective, but it will cost you a job.

Each section of your resume, each line, should show your abilities and past successes. But it should do it in a way that encourages the Human Resources interviewer to ask more questions.  Yes, it is important that your resume ‘shows’ the results of your work, not just lists your education, experience, and skills.

Once you do this edit the resume so that it leads the interviewer to ask questions.

Financial Risk Management

Have you taken courses? Do you have experience?  Then it is important to add this to your resume and include the results. One way to show this is to take risks with your own money. Invest in a short-term business. Play with Forex currency exchange. Play with the stock market.  Even buying and selling that earns a profit can turn a job interview into an opportunity to talk about real successes.

Leadership Skills: Teach a Course

One of the best ways to show that you have good leadership skills is to teach a course. Most continuing education programs for local colleges are always looking for educators. Community services also look for tutors. If you cannot find a suitable opportunity in your area then teach online.

There is nothing more impressive than walking into an interview with a briefcase full of your work. Two or three courses that you have written can be more powerful than saying ‘good leadership skills’ or ‘can manage a team.’ You can now prove that you are able to motivate.

There is a catch 22. When you are teaching to improve your current job it is important to do everything you can to keep your graduate numbers as high as possible. It isn’t uncommon for 50% of a class to drop out of a CEU course. Those numbers will not help you land a job when the interviewer translates those numbers into ‘employee turnover.’

Management is a Lifestyle

Most people are in love with the idea of being a manager, but they don’t want the lifestyle. Many first time managers have not learned the personal skills needed to work long hours, handle stress, and shake the drama off after a long day’s work.

If you want to be considered for a management position then it is important that you be able to show you take on ‘hobby’ and ‘short term jobs’ and keep working after you come home from your day job. If your relaxation time outweighs your learning and working time then you may not be a suitable restaurant management candidate.


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