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The government has put out their new numbers on job trends and pay increases and the news is good for the hospitality industry, especially Candidates who are seeking restaurant manager jobs in management.

After summarizing several government reports the numbers reveal that overall pay increases moved up 1.3% over May 1, 2016, in our job sector.

Job openings increased for the second year in a row. Ontario added 33 000 new job openings with most of the growth in the Toronto, Hamilton, and Niagara regions. And the unemployment rate dropped .04%.

Restaurant Manager: Management Jobs Pay Increase

The best news is for anyone looking for management jobs. The government reported that management job’s saw a pay increase of 23%. Combine this with the demand for restaurant managers, hotel management, and casino managers (private interview with recruiters) and this could be the best time to transition into a management job.

There is always a risk when trying to break through the ceiling, and it is never advisable if you lack the skills and experience. But if you have the skills, experience, and temperament to handle a high traffic restaurant then the potential for career growth is worth the risk.

Sales and Service Jobs

If you caught the CTV News broadcast on pay in the Toronto area then you’ll notice that pay between sales and service ($18) and Management ($40) is a big career move. (

You’ve already dealt with Human resources, so you know that your last pay stub reflects on what your next pay stub should be. It’s not right, but it is people’s perception.  Statistics state that it costs $50 000 for a bad restaurant management hire, so asking your boss to ‘give me a try’ will not land you the job. It may move you up the ladder a bit, but moving from the floor to management can take decades.

Restaurant Management Recruiters

The fastest way to advance your career is to work with a recruiter. In today’s job market Clients (restaurants and hotels) do not invest the time, or resources, in management hiring. They hire recruiters. While the recruiter is paid when a candidate is hired, that doesn’t mean that the recruiter is working just for the client. It is in the recruiter’s best interest to groom qualified candidates for management.

Robert Krzak of Gecko Hospitality has 17 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. He has trained some of the best recruiters in the industry. The Toronto office is the flagship of Gecko Canada.  There is a sense of excitement in the Toronto market right now. The job market rarely opens up for new talent the way it is in Ontario.

It’s time for candidates to step up and see how to use the new job market to advance their career, and even move into a hospitality management position.

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