Geckohospitality has been publishing a series of articles over the last 3 months designed to help Candidates build a viable restaurant manager or hotel management career. There is a desperate need for upper level managers, from the floor and kitchen right up to General Managers.

Learning How to Recreate Yourself

Adapting to a new situation is the #1 skill a manager can have. Learning how to create a new image can be the first step to a new career. There is a difference between recreating yourself, and pretending to be something you are not.

To recreate yourself you need a clear understanding of whom you want to become. At the moment, assume that you are unaware of your final goal. If you were aware, then you would already be in your dream job.

Recreating yourself is not always easy. It requires letting go of things that comfort us. We may have pass times that we consider acceptable, fun, or ‘normal.’ We may have behaviors that have helped us cope in the past, but which are red flags to anyone who has been in the management realm for several years.

Step #1: Identify and Associate

To become a manager you need to associate with managers. First you need to determine whether you want the life. Many people are in love with the idea of ‘being’ a manager, but they don’t want the lifestyle of a manager.

While the rest of us are enjoying our weekends, in relationships, and finding pleasant pastimes a management candidate is studying, honing skills, and interacting with people to develop their communication and organizational interaction skills. They are learning new skills and attending events where other managers and career professionals attend.

Good Enough is Not Good Enough

It doesn’t matter how good you feel your communication skills, leadership skills, or organizational skills are. It is not enough. Increase your vocabulary, read books, change how your brain works. In many cases it is your mindset, and your problem-solving skills, not your skills and abilities that keep you out of a high level career.

Declutter Your Life

Clutter = Stress. Stress becomes a habit. When you cannot handle your stress it will show in a job interview. No matter how cool and collected you try to be. Stress is an interesting thing. Learning to cope is like peeling an onion.  Every time you feel you can handle stress you learn that there are more emotional triggers and stressors that you need to deal with.

Look at your house. Is the counter clean? Are all your suits and socks in order? What is the organization of your CDs, books, and dishes in the cupboard? Is it second nature to keep clutter and knick-knacks out of your life? Do you misplace things because you randomly set them down without thinking? 

If your life is cluttered, then your mind is cluttered. If your mind is cluttered then you cannot thrive in a high stress job.

What Do You do?

You are defined by what you do. Keep a schedule of events. After one month count the hours spent doing different tasks. Is most of your time spent entertaining yourself, in relationships, or relaxation? Do you read? What music do you listen too?

As you reinvent yourself you will soon learn to enjoy your new lifestyle. You will make new friends, likes, and skills.  Just keep your goal in mind. It is easy to become distracted or go in the wrong direction.


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