Your eye is on a manager’s job, or you have come up through the ranks and have hit a ceiling. Off the top, we have been taught that we cannot reach the top without a five year university masters, or doctorate. This is not true. In this article we will discuss how to break through the ceiling with Robert Krzak owner of  North America’s top Hospitality Recruitment Firm.

Why You Need a Career Development Team

Looking for an under $50 000 a year job, then you can probably do it on your own. Looking to break through the $75 000 barrier than you need both, and early on in your career. DIY (Do It Your Own) career planning can cost time – that you don’t have. A decade will only see you through 3 jobs. That can bring you up to 35 years old. You are at your peak. Everyone wants to hire you. Your ideas are fresh. You have a lot of energy. Another (past) employer has paid for you to learn the job, and you made your mistakes on their dimes.

Personally, your wild days are over, and you are ready to buckle down and invest in making your next job placement a success – a launching pad to your dream job. If you don’t land your dream job before you reach 40 then you probably won’t. Even at 40 some employers will overlook you. Your too expensive.

Time is your enemy, so you need to learn as much as possible before age 28. Between 25 and 35 you need to make big ‘cost saving/profit generating’ changes that will become part of your launch pad into the high-end jobs.

Another problem with DIY Career Development is that you do not have access to the dream jobs. You may feel that you are only worth $50 – $65, but it is in a Recruiter’s best interest to land you a $90 000 job.

Hospitality Recruitment Firm

Job Brokers? That is a general misconception, but if your recruiter acts like a job broker then do not work with them. A Qualified Recruiter offers so much more.

After a few emails with Robert Krzak we were able to determine exactly what a ‘good’ recruiter will do for you. The first and foremost, a good recruiter will help you land a job above your pay grade. Jobs that are not published online, or are just posted. Even if a job is posted online, the resumes submitted by Recruitment Firms often go to the top.

Most articles discuss which you need, a Career Coach or a Recruiter. The answer is, a Career Coach a year before you think it is time to start a job search, and a Recruiter when you are ready to start your job hunt.

Career Advice – A Recruiter will help you determine the best direction to go in a specific career. Do not look for a general recruiter, or one that does not have a relationship with the major hiring companies in your field. You want to find a recruitment firm with ‘clients.’ They know what their Clients want, and what they need.

It is the Recruiter’s job to help improve your resume and coach you through the interview process. For many top jobs, the meeting with your recruiter is the first step in the interview process. They sift through their resumes and choose which ones are forwarded to the Hiring Manager.

There should be a high level of trust, and a deep relationship with a recruiter. If you just ‘drop your resume off’ and hope for a job then the company, probably, isn’t a true recruiting firm. There is a high level of respect for management candidates. The recruiter will even consult with the candidate, and obtain their approval, before sending a resume to a company. The Candidate can even give them a list of companies they do not want their resume submitted to.

The main benefit of working with a recruiter is that they can negotiate the best salary for you. Remember that it is in their best interest to negotiate the highest salary and the best benefits. First, they are paid a percentage of your salary. Second, it is in their best interest that you are satisfied in your new job.

The Hospitality Recruitment Firm is ‘industry focused’ and can give you insights into the current trends. They can also take a look at your ‘Career Capital’ and skill sets, revealing any holes you need to work on.

Career Coach

The Career Coach is personal based. They do not know your industry. They do know people. If you work with a management career coach they will have experience with a wide range of managers, what makes them a success, and what makes them a failure.

A career coach will help you set goals and prepare your skillset so that you can meet them. They can help you determine the best course of action to suit your lifestyle.

A manager can discuss the trends with a recruiter they hope to work with in the future and then combine it with their personal goals, to create a Career Path.

The Career Coach will stay with you long term. A good coach will keep tabs every few months to make sure you are staying on track. They will stay with you through several job postings, and work with you to overcome weaknesses and build on strengths.

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