This article continues the recruitment firm’s geckohospitality, series of career coaching articles published assist restaurant manager candidates when job hunting. As the demand for restaurant managers continues to exceed the supply, opportunities increase.

This article is designed to help you use social media as a marketing tool, and not how to clean a social media site. We assume that you’ve already organized your facebook profile so that only family can see the 200 pictures of your children, or pets. We assume that all pictures of your wild and crazy youth have already been removed.

Marketing with Social Media

This can be very tricky. There is a fine line between writing ‘sales clips’ or sounding intrusive, and using a marketing social media site to improve your chances of landing a job position which earns the high 5 figures.

Step #1: Get the Recruiter off Social Media

While you don’t want to create a list of links on your social media, you do want to get HR off your social media. It was never designed to sell you. In fact, if an interviewer has come to a social media profile then they are looking for red flags, and inconsistencies with your resume.

Your social media site needs to look personal, but it needs to show that you are work oriented and that your social life will not interfere with your work life. The best way to do that is to publish all long term vacation, home renovation, children going to college, or pending weddings as ‘family only’.

Before publishing any post as public ask yourself if this will support the claims made in your resume.

You Are What You Publish

Do not take a political stand. Do not take a stand against any group. Do not post any toxic communication. Those are the ‘common sense’ statements. But you can publish what is relevant to you.

When I’m reviewing a social media site I am looking for a connection to the national restaurant association. Does this person’s work life bleed into their home life, or are they separate? Can this person balance both work and home? Are they for real.

I want to see how they link to the national association. Are they baiting me, or are they asking colleagues if they have taken any of the courses, and are they good courses. Do I see anywhere in the social media that the candidate has gone to a trade show, or conference? Is this person promoting an article they have published and asking friends to read it?

I also want to see what news stories they engage in.

Beware What You Like

We often forget that our feed shows our likes. If you don’t want an interviewer to see what you like, then it is best not to like it.

Likes will also link you to people who may not be on your friends list, but may build a negative association with you.


An Editor is one of the best tools in a Restaurant Management Candidate’s job hunting profile. Hiring an editor from a site like or is economical, and a great way to have a second set of eyes review your social networking site.

One of the biggest advantages to having an editor is that you have someone who can take a second look at any work you publish. I always advise people to write their best work when they are relaxed. Then put it away for at least 2 days. Then proofread. This will give you a better idea of how others will read your work.

Also, working with an editor will prevent you from making the mistake of answering question on sites like LinkedIn without first writing and proofing what you are going to say.


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