This article continues the series of career coaching articles written to help people transition into the job of restaurant manager. As the demand for restaurant managers continues to exceed the talent base, the opportunities for qualified candidates grows, but the supply diminishes.

Every Restaurant Management Candidate understands the importance of creating an online profile network to support the claims made in their resume. One of the most powerful, and overlooked tools is a personal website.


There is no choice for job hunters – WordPress. There are several advantages. You can publish – and unpublish content based on who you are appealing too. You do not need to rank on Google, so it doesn’t matter if you have dead pages. You do need to appeal to interviewers and match job postings.

If you are applying for a $50 000 + salary job then your job interviews will trickle in. This gives you lots of time to restructure a website to support a job posting.

You can also make different websites, with different domains. Your website does not need to be your name. The chances that your name is available is slim. The chances that your keyword ‘restaurant manager’ is available is impossible. So be creative.

But be careful. Your interviewer may do a job search looking for these other websites. This will not be seen as deceit, but it will be seen as good marketing. The only place you can go wrong is if the websites contradict each other.

Resume – Website

The website offers an opportunity to include information that you do not have room to put on your resume.

For a full list of articles I have published, and where, please refer to my website.

For a full list of courses I have taken to upgrade my software management skills, please see my website.


Your website will also let you create a visual impact, which will be harder to forget. As with a resume, keep it short. This website is still a resume. It needs to be short and to the point. Do not fill it with pictures of your children, or include you with your dog.

Do not use colors that express your inner child, or choose a theme which is creative and artsy.

This is where wordpress excels. If your last job position interview was for a corporate position with a steak house then you want a simple, corporate style them. If your next interview is with a burger fast food outlet that appeals to teenagers then you need something a little more colorful. You can change themes with a click of a button.

A word of warning. If you are going to swap themes, then I suggest going to themeforest and buy themes from the same designer. They are more likely to swap out without causing issues.

Hide Your Site

There are a few pieces of code you want to include. No follow is the first. If you add a plugin like Yoast then you can use their ‘do not make this site public’ tool. WordPress has a default one, but use the Yoast one too.

As much as we all hope a late night recruiter will search our website and fall in love, it won’t happen. What might happen is that your website is linked to by other sites that you do not want to be associated with. When someone searches your name, or your website then they will see these other sites.

External Linking

On the same theme, you want to link to your website from large sites. While it may cost $1200 to have an article published, and linked to your website from Forbes, or it is well worth if you are applying for a $75 000 job.

Will the interviewer know that you paid to have that article published. It is probably unlikely. Even if they do know it shows initiative.


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