Is full o helpful information or job seekers.  There are dozens of lists o interview questions. What most tutorials lack is a clear understanding of the HR professional is looking for. They fail to answer one simple question, ‘what is the right answer.’

While it is true that there is no one, single, correct answer, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to explain why the interviewer asked a particular question. This article will outline 10 of the best interview questions and then offer insight into the question so job seekers can offer the information the interviewer is seeking.

#1 Tell me Your Greatest Accomplishment

The interviewer is not asking for your high school track record, or how many chess championships you won. There are two things the interviewer is looking for. First, what is important to you? The answer to this questions will highlight your perspectives on success, and offer a glimpse into your list of priorities. Second, the answer to this question will tell the interviewer what you bring to the table.

The correct answer to this interview question will tell the interviewer:

  1. a) What you’ve done for past employers. Did you save them money, solve personnel problems,  increase sales?
  2. b) Are you a leader, organizer, problem solver?
  3. c) Are you success and business oriented? Do you have a long term goal?

#2  Can you list three adjectives that describe yourself. Do you have examples of your work style to support them?

  1. a) Is a job important to you or are you just clocking in for a paycheck?
  2. b) What is an employee’s position in the business? To do their job – or to help the organization earn money.
  3. c) Are you focused enough on your job, and do you know who you are? If you cannot explain who you are then it is difficult to create a plan for success. If you cannot offer examples of your work style then it is difficult for an employer to believe your claims that you are the right person for the job.

The first step in any interview is to connect with the interviewer. They spend their day listening to sales pitches and pleas for employment. What they are looking for is a peer who sees the business world the way they do.

It is their job to find people who will mesh with the organizational structure of the restaurant or hotel they are seeking employment in.  They are not looking for a friend or ‘buddy’. They need to find a motivated, organized professional who will be an asset to the restaurant .

When it all comes down to it, a restaurant is in business to make money. If employees do not understand this then they will not be able to see the bigger picture. They will not understand their roll in the success of management’s projects.

The main thing that employers are looking for is someone who can follow leadership, and work in a team environment. They need people who are the solution, not a problem. They are looking for employees they can trust to execute the daily tasks without frustrating the restaurant’s routines. A good employee not only faces the daily challenges with a positive attitude, they remain calm and supportive when chaos ensues.

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