I was writing job hunting and career coaching topics for GeckoHospitality, an 18-year-old hospitality recruitment firm, and one of Forbes top recruiters, 2018. I was asked a question that is difficult to answer. What is the difference between job hunting in Canada and job hunting in the USA.

The first difference is that a hospitality manager in the USA uses a Resume format, even at the higher levels. In Canada, managers use a CV, even when applying for mid-level management positions. The difference goes deeper than how you write up your resume.

It is important to understand the laws when building a career. This gives you a guideline for the social fabric, expectations, and workplace trends.

When writing for a US market it is often suggested that focusing on Work-Life balance is a way to sabotage a job interview.  However, in Quebec, Canada – Adoption Of Bill No 176: An Act To Amend The Act Respecting Labour Standards And Other Legislative Provisions Mainly To Facilitate Family-Work Balance. June 2018.

Social Beliefs and Trends

In Canada you will also hear statements like ‘Fairness needs to be fair.’ It means that all parties, the grievor and the complainant have the same rights. There are several current investigations where the company rushed through an investigation into a complaint of unfairness, which resulted in a suit of unfairness towards the investigators.

These subtle nuances are vital for anyone seeking to migrate between provinces, or who feel that moving to Canada may be a good career choice.

Another issue passed in parliament June, 2018, that is already causing concern is the legal use of marijuana.  Employers will not be able to stop people from using marijuana in designated smoking areas. They will be forced to deal with the aftermath, lethargy, poor work performance, and a change in the workplace’s social fabric.

Mangers are already concerned about toxic relations between employees who can give 100% in the afternoon, and how to delicately handle employees who are unable to function.

International Impact on Regional Business

Another problem facing workplaces that take bookings and collect information is the EU’s GDPR which came into effect May 25, 2018. The scope of the GDPR includes any operation performed on personal data, including collection, use, disclosure and storage. For instance, someone from Europe books a stay in your hotel. Or, is staying in a local hotel and orders online from your restaurant. Where do you store the information?

Let’s put this in prospective. A manger with extensive experience from Europe applies for a management position at a hotel, casino or resort. They use the form on your website to send their information and they may upload a resume. Is your website compliant?

While this problem faces both countries, Canada is far more open to immigration and has a far more migrant population. A manager may find them putting their company at risk if they don’t understand the new rules.

A problem that does effect both countries is the U.S. Tax Reform that Punishes U.S. Citizens working abroad. U.S. lawmakers have stuck U.S. citizens resident in Canada with retroactive, double taxation, the elimination of much of the tax deferral previously available in their companies, a looming April 17th payment deadline and virtually no rules or regulations to guide them through the chaos.

Understanding this could effect where a manager wants to apply for a job. It may also cause Canadian companies to think twice about hiring someone with U.S. citizenship. The exchange rate may be in their favor, but unless you can help them reduce the U.S. tax they owe it may turn out to be detrimental for them to take a lower paying job, leaving several holes in your organization within the next year.

Job Hunting

It doesn’t matter what country you are in, and which boarder you may want to hop when job hunting. If you want to land a manager’s job with a good firm then you need to understand the laws and social fabric of the country, and region you are applying to.

Working with a recruiter can help avoid problems, or landing into a job that you cannot afford to stay at. A recruiter can also help shape your resume or CV so that it reflects the expectations of the country you are immigrating to.



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