Recent television shows have glamorized casinos, increasing available casino jobs. While there is opportunity for people who are dynamic, energetic, and thrive in chaos, there is a lot of competition for each position. Once you have the position you need to keep it. This isn’t the job for someone looking for an easy position.

Casino Host/Hostess

This seems like everyone’s host/hostess’s dream job. It seems like this job takes no training, but this could be one of the most intense and highly skilled jobs in the Casino.  The job isn’t to be personal concierge to high-value players. Your job is to make sure the casino maintains profits by creating ‘the dream’ that keeps people coming back, even when they lose money.

The job in a top casino will require a bachelor’s degree. Job postings also require five years’ experience. And coaching, negotiations, interpersonal and organizational skills. You may even find a modeling course, training in fashion, art, fine wine, and luxury living. The best way to relate to a person is to be that person.  Hours are long. Casinos are not busy in the afternoon. The work stressful, but the perks and work environment is unparalleled in the world.

The pay is worth the effort. Entry pay, or pay at a smaller casino starts at $34 000, and top pay can react $78 000 with bonuses. The best thing about this job is that you are never over qualified or have too much experience for this job. There are casino host/hostesses with GED, and with PHDs, with 5 years’ experience, and 15 years.

Most Casino hosts have a Bachelor’s degree, with 2-5 years’ experience, or 15 years.

The Job at The Party

But the job is not about one big party. The job takes a person with the brain of a project manager, and a history of making good risk decisions. The Casino host/hostess decides who receives personal invitations to private events and activities. But they need to determine who receives the perks based on play and spending habits and be willing to reassess a guest’s privileges ‘on the fly.’

Even when loosing people want to be treated like VIP guests. Taking care of customer complaints at this level are handled totally different than at a typical hotel environment.

Good computer skills are a must. A Casino host is only as good as their customer database. They record player information, accounts, preferences, dislikes, etc. The casino uses this information to establish credit decisions, how to work with specific clients, and working with other hospitality departments to guarantee cops for VIP guests.

The most important skill for a casino host is ‘stress coping skills’. The casino host needs to be positive, alert, and charismatic at the beginning of a shift, and at the end. They need to be positive without being condescending at 4am when guests are tired.

A casino host’s roster may host 300- 500 players, and they are expected to continually lure in more prospective accounts. The Great Host/Hostess is creating the dream, but they are also responsible to management and, in a very real way, the success/failure of a casino.


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