The 5 figure hospitality jobs are not as rare as many people think, especially in British Columbia and Toronto Ontario. Due to lack of qualified management candidates these jobs rarely require five years of experience. However, that doesn’t mean 5 years doing day to day tasks. It means 5 years of time investment into your career.

There are a few things you need before qualifying for a 5 figure salary in the Canadian Hospitality market. A Post Secondary Degree/Diploma in Hospitality Management or university equivalent. This should be rounded out with organizational and coaching skills. The more financial management courses you can obtain the more opportunity you will have in this field.

More important is skills in self-management, stress coping skills, and a high level of self-discipline. It also helps if you are energetic, and don’t mind working ‘odd hours.’ This is the perfect job for anyone who remembers the housekeeping manager’s name as easily as the upper management.

Hotel operating experience is necessary, because five figure jobs are ‘hands on’. This is not a position for someone looking for a corner office on the top floor.

#1 – Job Interview: Middle vs Upper Manger

When applying for a middle management job the interviewer will want to hear about what you can do. Are you organized? Can you keep a restaurant running? Can you handle customer service in a hotel?

When applying for upper management the focus changes. Can you end a project by the deadline? What methodology do you use?

A middle manager is responsible for keeping a business running. It doesn’t matter whether it is a casino, restaurant, or hotel.

Upper management is responsible for making the business profitable. The more intangible the end game, the more ‘soft skills’ come into play when applying for a job.

Strategic Planning?

Can you explain your planning strategy? Do you have one? Do you have a spreadsheet in your portfolio showing your template? Does your plan include strategies when things go wrong? Can you explain different types of planning strategies? You may be asked the difference between decision making software and project management software. 

Research The Company

All levels of management applications should include research on the company. The hire you move the more information you should have gathered. If your looking for a six figure management job then you should have a portfolio on the company.

There is more than just knowing who wants to hire you. Your knowledge of the company will show what you value most. Do you know the hiring process but haven’t reviewed the financials? Do you know the current stock price, or who the founder was? What is the company’s mission statement?

Certification in Canadian Hospitality

It doesn’t take much to learn the basic hospitality certifications needed in the industry.  But make sure that you are looking for the certification relevant to your province. Not every province requires the same certification.

Do you have your security clearance, CPR first-aid, or certification in hospitality management software? While it is true that many hospitality management jobs only require high school, if you want to make five figures then you need a Bachelors degree.


When I’m doing a job interview I’m looking for more than the three years experience I asked for. What I really want to know is what you accomplished in those years. No one is going to land a five figure job if they need someone to keep them ‘on track’ or micromanage their tasks.

While you are accumulating experience make sure that you go above and beyond. While soft skills are important in today’s market place, nothing trumps education and the ability to use technology to reduce risk and increase profits.


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