This is a good time to explore transitioning into a Hospitality Career. Growth in the Canadian Tourism industry will require 538,000 jobs be created between 2015 and 2035. The potential growth is so great that the labour force may only be able to fill 345,000  of those job vacancies, leaving 10% unfilled. (UNWTO)

While most of today’s professionals are being downsized, there is a growing need for professionals in the hospitality industry. Restaurant and Hotel managers will be in demand as a younger workforce will lack the experience needed to fill management positions.

Let’s Look At Numbers

Information gathered by Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Management colleges and Hotel Association of Canada paints a bright picture for hospitality in Canada, 2018. Most of the strongest growth in job opportunities are found in Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 2000 there were 674 million tourism arrivals. By 2014 there were 1.1 billion and by 2020 international tourism arrivals are expected to reach 1.4 billion.

In 2015, there were 1.78 million jobs in tourism industries, 10% of all jobs in Canada. Of all jobs in Canada, 637,000 were directly attributable to spending by tourists.

Hospitality Career Opportunities British Columbia

In 2015 Tourism employed 127.7 (000) up from 118.3 (000) in 2007.  Tourism earned 8,301million in 2015, up from 6,335 million in 2007. BS Stats April 2016. Canada wide, tourism has increased 1 million each quarter of 2017.

BC saw 2,426,224 visitors from January to June 2017, an increase of 4.1%. The largest growth was from Asia Pacific with 563,436 tourists, an 11.3% increase. Source: Destination Canada. September 2017.   Hotel Occupancy was 70%, an increase of 3.2% with revenues increasing 9%.

BC leads the country with a 6.5% year-over-year sales growth at restaurants and pubs in the first half of 2017 thanks to a strong economy, increasing tourism, and a thriving food culture. Restaurant and bar sales in June jumped 1.9% to 945.6 million-the fourth straight monthly increase. Source: Statistics Canada, Central 1 Credit Union

Hospitality Career Opportunities Ontario

Hotel Occupancies in Toronto are 73%. Employment in Tourism  was 1,900,500 in Toronto, up 1% from 2016.  Oversees visitors to Toronto were 1,615,108 from January – July 2017. January – July 2017 saw 1,878,376 visitors from the USA.

Career Growth in the Hospitality Industry

The demand for tourism generated 735,100 jobs in Q2 2017, up 2.1% from Q2 2016. This is a 2% increase from the number of jobs in 2016.  Revenues in Accommodations increased 8.4%, above the global figures.

Opportunities for Youth

The 2011 National Household survey showed that 32% of Canada’s tourism workforce was 15–24, triple the national average,  compared to only 13% of the overall labour force.  Most industries have a dramatic imbalance in the number of unemployed youth.  The ability to sustain employment growth. The hospitality industry is not only the fastest growing industry in the Globe, it is the fastest growing in Canada.

The statistics reveal that by the time the average youth finishes a Hospitality and Tourism BA, or a Degree in Hospitality management, and gain 2 – 5 years experience, they will be able to fast track into upper management, due to a lack of qualified candidates to fill the job positions.



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