The hospitality industry is not immune to the current evolution of the workplace. It may be difficult to identify the Hospitality Career Trends. Mainly because some are social. Partly because most college and university programs are a decade out of date. And largely caused by a more global view of community as cultural barriers break down and technology shrinks the world.

Here are a few of the idioms emerging from today’s workplace

·         Words can inspire. Words can destroy. Choose yours well.

·         You become your excuses

·         The only standard worth reaching is BIW (Best in World).

·         In the new world of business, everyone works in Human Resources.

·         In the new world of business, everyone plays a role on the leadership team.

·         The client is a part of your business.

·         You are here to serve the client. The client isn’t here to support your business.

·         A paycheck is your reward for helping people

·         Things that are scheduled are things that are done.

After reviewing a few of these statements it is easy to see that the Hospitality industry is a decade or two ahead in the learning curve. Sometimes it even seems like the world is watching the hospitality industry and learning from them.

The idea of horizontal management first emerged from Japan more than 30 years ago. Everyone was responsible for every aspect of the final product. People were given responsibility for success, not given a job to do. There was no meaningless jobs.

This idea took a long time for America to catch up with. Even today, many bosses believe their title gives them the right to usurp the opinions and wishes of others. It took almost two generations for America to learn that money does not motivate. Leadership by oppression does not produce a superior product. And, success is not built on the back of laborers. Success is built on the back of teams.

Hospitality Career: Globalization

It is real. Today’s restaurant mangers may be competing with candidates from around the globe for a job. Communication technology is changing the workplace. The biggest change is that it is increasing the number of educated people in the workplace. And, cost of living. But most important is lifestyle which is why more people are immigrating to Canada for employment. 

I remember when I was in school we were led to believe that higher education gave you an advantage. I know many mediocre students who were led to believe they were the Tony Stark’s of their generation.

The Workplace is Changing

Today’s workforce must work longer, and harder to achieve the same things we did. We finished work at a set time and went home. We watched television with the family, worked in our yard, fixed our car, or entertained our friends. 

Today’s managers are expected to go home and dedicate some time to continuing education. In fact, my association requires that I gain 38 CEUs a year. That is more than I was required to earn to pass a year of college. Now I don’t have cable. I don’t spend weekends lounging. My goals are not all set ‘outside’ of the workplace. Surprisingly, I’m more satisfied with my accomplishments and level of success.


When I was just out of school buzz words included ‘team work’ and ‘collaboration.’ I smile looking back. We had no idea what teamwork was. We still tried to control every aspect of the area of the hotel, or restaurant, we were managing.

Today’s definition of teamwork places responsibility for success on everyone’s shoulders. As I walk into a workplace to host a job interview I talk with everyone I meet. I empower them to give me their opinion of the candidates. I turn a few well-placed individuals into my spies. I impress on them that the person I’m interviewing will become a member of their workplace. They have a stake in making sure that the right person is hired.

5 Aspects of a Hospitality Executive Management Job Search

The result is that my successful hire ratio has increased, and my clients are happier working with the people hired. In this aspect I feel the hospitality and tourism industry is still ahead of the learning curve. While other industries are trying to make gains by layoffs and downsizing, the hospitality is placing more value on their greatest asset – people.

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