Toronto Now Challenges Vancouver – Cost of Living


Toronto’s current housing spike increased the cost of living. It matched Vancouver’s in Q1 2017, and may exceed by 2018. This has caused various problems for hospitality managers, and human resources within the hospitality and tourism industry in Toronto. Even matching the average 49% of salary invested in buying a home, many employees in the… Read more »

The Most Important Two Interview Questions


Is full o helpful information or job seekers.  There are dozens of lists o interview questions. What most tutorials lack is a clear understanding of the HR professional is looking for. They fail to answer one simple question, ‘what is the right answer.’ While it is true that there is no one, single, correct answer,… Read more »

Best Time to Become a Restaurant Manager


restaurant manager jobs

The government has put out their new numbers on job trends and pay increases and the news is good for the hospitality industry, especially Candidates who are seeking restaurant manager jobs in management. After summarizing several government reports the numbers reveal that overall pay increases moved up 1.3% over May 1, 2016, in our job… Read more »